Evidential Testimony of Time

Evidential Testimony of Time

The Earth has been and is in constant flux. The tectonic plates below our feet move and shake, it is an unstoppable force and we have not choice but to go along for the ride. The transformation of the landscape is evident in the rivers that flow and have carved great canyons or earthquakes so powerful that earth rose from the sea. Nature can not be stopped and nature will always find a way.

In a state of impermanence forms part of a series titled The evidential testimony of time. These reconstructed and assembled landscapes focus on naturally Earth forming changes such as glaciers, tectonic movements and erosion. All in simultaneous states destruction and regeneration.

This series also takes inspiration from the additivity and moving principles in geometry; where the sum of the of a bisected shape, rearranged and without overlapping, will result in the same total area sum. In this rational, this work can be seen as a visual metaphor for the malleable and changing landscape, a force in nature that is always constant.


“Destruction in order to transcend’ | 2019 | C-type photograph on metallic paper, assemblage


Installation view at AIRspace Projects


everywhere and nowhere at once - WEB

‘Everywhere and nowhere at once’ | 2017 | C-type photograph on metallic paper, assemblage

In a state if impermanence

‘In a state of impermanence’ | 2017 | C-type photograph on metallic paper, assemblage

‘In a state of impermanence’ has been shortlisted for the 2017 Fishers Ghost Art Prize, Contemporary category.