The Giant, The Black Desert, The Shadow

This collection of work is a three-part act, presenting the beauty, fluidity and weight of our natural and sometimes brooding nature.

The Black Desert, as in life, is in constant flux. It shifts as the volcanic earth creates new landscapes and nature must learn to adapt. This vast and melancholic transitional space offers us the opportunity to take stock of our journey, reset and be open to the possibilities of change.

The Shadow, cast over the landscape; limiting your vision. This earthly spectre breeds caution and a strange mood of indefiniteness blankets the horizon. Tread carefully forward towards the light of uncertainty.

And finally, The Giant an ancient symbolism within nature. We as humans have been trying to draw meaning and understand our world for centuries; with many cultures attributing different myths and legends in honour of these forms as we know intuitively that it is a force greater than ourselves.

“An ancient natural deity, a Goddess; Mother Nature. We hear a Distant thunder.
A tectonic force, fracturing, folding, creating cataclysmic compression.
A deep thrust from the earths core,
These guardians watch over us; Mythical. Sacred. Their majesty and chaos shrouded in mystery.
Ever evolving change, yet eternal.”

– The Book of Symbols, Phaidon Press


The Giant | 2016 | 49x32cm | Pigment Print on Cotton Rag


The Black Desert | 2016 | 49x32cm | Pigment Print on Cotton Rag


The Shadow | 2016 | 49x32cm | Pigment Print on Cotton Rag


Installation view at The Stables, Sydney.

Skills: Photography