Love Story

It is often that people fall in love, it makes their whole world light up and change for the positive. One can feel content that they have found their soul mate, their other half. However it is often that you here that sometimes that love changes and that the person you thought was your spiritual equal has somehow changed and a doppelganger has replaced them. Love Story is a contemporary look at love and relationship. It shows the sometimes brutal reality of how painful love can be, but all the while show the many sides of being in love that still make us enjoy every waking minute of being with that special someone.

Self Examination, 120 x 80cm‘Self Examination’  |  120x80cm  |  C-Type Photograph

I Give You My Heart, 120 x 80cm‘I Give You My Heart’  |  120x80cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Skills: Photography