META(data) explores the links between travel and the idea of journey within the realm of sleep. Memories are evoked via movements through a landscape of dreams. Some images are retained upon waking, while others are lost. It is a popular held belief that dreaming serves as a way of consolidating all the information that has been absorbed during the day, sorting it out and storing what is important to the individual.

The thread linking the states of consciousness between dreaming and waking is non linear, and very rarely concrete in its representation. Dreaming, the cinema of the unconscious, is perception free from restraint; a landscape of possibility. Dreams are never clear. We try to understand their meanings, decipher some greater understanding out of them, yet no one else can know of the adventure but you.

META(data), 2011, detail
META(data), 2011, detail
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META(data), 2011, detail
META(data), 2011, detail
META(data), 2011, detail


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