Náttsól: The Resignation of Night

Náttsól: The Resignation of Night

All life, humans, animals and organisms alike, rely on sunlight to sustain their existence. Without consciously realising it, the rotation of the Earth and the resulting fluctuation in the luminousness of the sky influences this natural rhythmic pattern and coordinates our biology and behaviour. It is because of the entrainment of these light-dark cycles that we know when to sleep, when to eat, when to nest and when plants know to grow tall and strong. This pattern is known as our circadian rhythm. It’s ingrained in us for our entire lives on Earth, but what happens when these cycles cease to exist?

It was while traveling through the Icelandic landscape, with the midnight sun on the horizon, that it became relevant to question the potentially disruptive effect of constant 24-hour daylight, and questioning what effect does the landscape and environment have on the minds and bodies of the animals and humans who inhabit these places.

This series sees the mountains and glaciers displayed in such a way resulting is an undulating topography of the landscape, taking the place of a scientific readout, an abstracted EEG waveform, visualising the disruption in brain wave activity of the human circadian rhythm.

Selected images below.

‘The Birds’  |  50x50cm  |  ULTRAChrome Pigment Ink on Arches BFK Rives Cotton Rag

Kerith - Upscaled to 50cm - With 5cm Border - 8-Bit - Web Res

‘Kerið’  |  50x50cm  |  ULTRAChrome Pigment Ink on Arches BFK Rives Cotton Rag


Installation View


Installation Mock-up


Installation Mock-up (detail)