Our Silent Guardians

Our Silent Guardians

At this critical point in Earth’s history, we are seeing more people concerned by the human effect on the environment, moving and shaping it to our will and therefore questioning our place and role within the landscape. For centuries, we have tried to draw meaning from the world around us, attributing different myths and legends to the natural world in reverence of these forms. We strive to find a connectedness to the land on which we live; knowing intuitively that it is a force greater than ourselves.

‘Our Silent Guardians’ is inspired by the beauty of the landscape and the ancient symbolism within nature. It is a reimagining with the aim of creating a wholly new mountain landscape, bringing focus to the intrinsically beautiful details depicted in each image of the various mountain peaks.


Our Silent Guardians | 19x29cm | Photographic Collage

This work was awarded the overall winner for the 2017 CLIP Award for contemporary landscape photography at the Perth Centre for Photography.

027_PCP CLIP AWARDS_20170323 055_PCP CLIP AWARDS_20170323

069_PCP CLIP AWARDS_20170323

Opening night and installation credit – Rebecca Mansell