Stillness + Rest

Stillness + Rest is an experiment in terra forming and a minimal reimagining of the alpine landscape. Using simple three-dimensional geometric forms as reference for the mountain’s shape, it aims to create a wholly new landscape of these silent guardians using photographs taken of various mountain ranges; bringing the viewers focus to the intrinsically beautiful details depicted in each image on the various mountain peaks.

In looking for new ways to push the photographic medium, Stillness and Rest continues my experimentation with evolving the photographic image into new sculptural forms. Taking an image from two-dimensions to three-dimensions creates a new set of parameters in which the photographic image can be seen and challenges how it is understood. This work is part of ongoing photographic projects that explore ideas on how the landscape affects our sensibilities, how we engage with our surroundings and what impact we have on our environment.

Stillness and Rest - WebResInstallation view | 2017 | C-type photographic sculpture | 40cm, 22cm, 17cm (H)

Detail View


Skills: Installation, Photography