The Midnight Actuality

The Midnight Actuality

The Midnight Actuality is created from the strange, surreal worlds of dreams, where I have met royalty, been embroiled in ridiculous and stressful office scenarios, and conversed with crustaceans. The “actuality” I have crafted through these photographs is an engagement with the perceived reality of the dream world, and a personal catharsis which addresses the anxieties and jumbled memories of waking life.


The Lobster and the Girl, 2012‘The Lobster and the Girl’  |  90x60cm  |  C-Type Photograph

A red letter day, 2011‘A Red Letter Day’  |  135x60cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Afternoon tea with the Queen, 2011‘Afternoon Tea with the Queen’  |  81x55cm  |  C-Type Photograph

To Lift: My small muscles are hurting, 2008‘To Lift; My Small Muscles are Hurting’  |  50x31cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Now 'YOU' can be the meat in the sandwich! , 2012‘Now ‘YOU’ can be the meat in the sandwich!’  |  90x60cm  |  C-Type Photograph