The Sketchbook Project 2010

Over the last 6 months I have taken part in the Art Co-Op Sketchbook project. Basically you register yourself into a selected category , choose a colour for the cover of your Moleskine and spend you time filling it with art in what ever way you see fit!

My Category for this year is: ‘it will be fun, I swear’.

At times a little daunting, but it really gave me an opportunity to go back to the start of my art practice and be able to practice all the techniques I learnt at art school, while being able to fill it will ideas and sketches that I am currently working on for new major bodies of work. Below are a few of my favourite pages from my sketchbook.

Not only has it given me the creative boost that I feel like i have been lacking recently, but I have had some great new ideas for other artist books and sketchbooks and I can’t wait to get started!

My book will be living in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library in New York, but first will be going on tour around the USA starting in February 2011 in Brooklyn, click here for tour dates.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Art Co-Op or the Sketchbook Project click  —> Here!


Cover- Garth
Fish Market
Night Sketch
Aerial Impression
Bird Box

Kempsey Vista
Maori Mask in two moods
Dream Sequence 2
Miniature Blowup

Afternoon Tea with the Queen
en plane air 2
After Ansel Adams

Skills: Side Projects