Trigger Systems

Trigger Systems

Within the mechanic of modern society is an idea that to best live within our spaces we need to work together. These spaces may be large cities, suburban, country or coastal; but in each of these places we cooperate to build communities and work together to create a harmonious existence. This machine therefore is a result of many modules that are required to work autonomously and in sync with one another to create social order. Based in the ideas of modular paper folding, where the individual piece supports the next to create a whole; Trigger Systems shares this idea. It abstracts and obscures the view of our landscape on the surface, sometimes it shows it with clarity and and strength, and in other aspects it is faint and feels unclear. It is when they come together, and form a whole that the various aspects of these spaces and places become our home.


System-no-1-webSystem #1 | 2017 | 20 x 20cm | Silver gelatin hand print

System #1 has been shortlisted for the 2017 Fishers Ghost Art Prize, Photography category.

System-no-1-detail-webDetail view.


System-no-2-webSystem #4 | 2017 | 20 x 20cm | Silver gelatin hand print


System-no-2-detail-webDetail view.