Walking Tour: Part 1

Walking Tour: Part 1

New places are exciting, escaping the familiarity of ones own environment sensitise you for new experiences making you body and mind fully aware of everything going on around you. Walking Tour: Part 1 is a flaneur around Hong Kong and China. The images show a rough and slightly distorted view of the cities and counties visited. They are streetscapes, land marks and details of the weird and wonderful experiences had when visiting a new country and its people.

Untitled (Bicycle Shed), 202 x 85cm‘Untitled (Bicycle Shed)’  |  202x85cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (View from the Escalator) ‘Untitled (View from the Escalator)’  |  85x85cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Nathan Road) ‘Untitled (Nathan Road)’  |  85x85cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Zebra Crossing) ‘Untitled Zebra Crossing)’  |  85x85cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Street in China) ‘Untitled (Street in China)’  |  85x85cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Footpath Traffic) ‘Untitled (Footpath Traffic)’  |  27x33cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Alleyway) ‘Untitled (Alleyway)’  |  27x33cm  |  C-Type Photograph