Walking Tour: Part 2

Walking Tour: Part 2

The physical world is getting smaller as new technologies facilitate global information sharing. This broader understanding and experience of the world may cause dismissal or complacency about details of the places we inhabit.

The walking tours I have taken are the raw documentation of my travels. They have become the photographic journals revealing my experiences of new countries and locations. By purposefully stopping and the taking time to frame and take a photograph, the rushing world is slowed down and the precise instant can be pondered as details are noticed and appreciated in isolation of that time and place.

Approaching each new scene with fresh eyes, I visually capture and highlight that which the local bystander may take for granted: a field on the side of a busy highway, a small unsuspecting alleyway amongst skyscrapers, long-forgotten abandoned buildings or a statue of commemoration, steeped in rich history and meaning. These scenes can be considered part of the banal everyday surroundings for those who do not stop to consider them. The contemplative qualities of photography are used to present aspects of the everyday that often go unnoticed.

Walking Tour: Part 2 is centred upon the idea of showing the smaller, often missed details of our new ultra-disposable lives. Similar to ‘behind the scenes footage’ it shows the hidden urban society that often claims to be nonexistent and sometimes irrelevant. These are parts of the city that are obscured from sight by the visual cacophony of the urban sprawl, the “architectural style through the city that is peacefully overlapped”.  Unassuming places where the urban and natural landscapes meet can create a feeling of melancholy or suspense and are seductive in their rare moments of calm.

Untitled (Imperial Gardens), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Imperial Gardens)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Versailles Window), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Versailles Window)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Shrine Door), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Shrine Door)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Shrine at Hakone), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Shrine at Hakone)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Gas Masks at Market), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Gas Masks at Market)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Garden Building), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Garden Building)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Front Door at Versailles), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Front Door at Versailles)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Caravan on Road), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Caravan on Road)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Bench), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Bench)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Armco), 36 x 36cm ‘Untitled (Armco)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Red Train Seats), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Red Train Seats)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Line to see Quasimodo), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Line to See Quasimodo)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Man in Boat on Hakone Lake), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Man on Boat on Hakone Lake)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Fired Escape), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Fired Escape)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Doorway), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Doorway)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph

Untitled (Back Door), 36 x 36cm‘Untitled (Back Door)’  | 36x36cm  |  C-Type Photograph