Out there / Over there

Out There. Over There. Over Here. Out Here. Have I been here before? – it feels familiar. But where is it? Where is there? Where are we? We need to move. But where are we going? Sorry, I’m Rambling; dwelling in an act of reminiscence and recollection. In this space, we

Stillness + Rest

Through photography and sculpture, my work 'Stillness and Rest' explores the complex ecological systems and philosophies that guide our understanding of urban and natural landscapes in an age of digital connectedness, globalisation and travel. Despite our existence in three-dimensional space, many contemporary interactions with the natural

Shelf Life

Shelf life is the embodiment of the flaneur, it is about looking, it is about thinking, it is about recording, it’s about remembering, it is an archive of ‘stuff’. It seeks to understand the temporality of the decisive moment, a journey of the urban landscape,


Cumulus was conceived as a soft, illuminated interruption to a hard and dark industrial landscape. Whimsical and unexpected, the site-specific installation transformed a foreboding concrete driveway into an inviting gathering space for relaxation and contemplation. Cumulus was first exhibited as part of Tortuga Studio’s In The