Cumulus was conceived as a soft, illuminated interruption to a hard and dark industrial landscape. Whimsical and unexpected, the site-specific installation transformed a foreboding concrete driveway into an inviting gathering space for relaxation and contemplation. Cumulus was first exhibited as part of Tortuga Studio’s In The

Proximate Cause

Right now, we are moving approximately 100,000 kilometres per hour around the Sun. It would seem like an incomprehensible speed to most, yet compared to the pace of the everyday modern condition of 'progress despite all odds' it pales into insignificance by comparison. As this


In the landscapes we know, the horizon line is constant. Like falling down the rabbit hole, Slide talks of echoes, and hints at unrecognisable sights and sounds of a journey. It breaks the ability to orient one’s self; like up or down, night or day.


Drift, a representation of the landscape, a fragment of the immense and continuous horizon. These abstractions make comment on how our reality is just a construct of experiences. It is our experiences that form the geometrical constructs that shape and give depth in our world. In