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Presence, Place, Space

At this critical point in Earth’s history, we are seeing more people concerned by the human effect on the environment and questioning our place and role within the landscape. For centuries, we have tried to draw meaning from the world around us, attributing different myths

The evidential testimony of time

The Earth has been and is in constant flux. The tectonic plates below our feet move and shake, it is an unstoppable force and we have not choice but to go along for the ride. The transformation of the landscape is evident in the rivers

Terra Nuova

As part of this work, I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land that this work is based, that sovereignty was never ceded, and pay my respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, past, present, and emerging. ’Terra Nuova’ means new

Out there / Over there

Throughout history, humanity has moved and travelled across our earth's varying landscapes, often passing through and not in a position to stop and take in the nuanced detail. As we move from one location to another, the pleasure we derive in that moment is from the knowledge of

Stillness + Rest

Through photography and sculpture, my work 'Stillness and Rest' explores the complex ecological systems and philosophies that guide our understanding of urban and natural landscapes in an age of digital connectedness, globalisation and travel. Despite our existence in three-dimensional space, many contemporary interactions with the natural