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Stillness at Gaffa Gallery

Stillness at Gaffa Gallery

‘Stillness’ curated by Rhiannon Hopley at Gaffa Gallery, 22 June – 3 July.

Stillness invited artists to respond to the concept and idea of what stillness means to them. Our world is increasingly fasted paced, we are pressured by this idea of being in a constant state of ‘busy’, thus seen as productive and admirable. Art itself calls on the viewer to slow down and engage, just as the practice of creating requires process and contemplation by the artist. “Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself ” – Herman Hesse. stillness came from the desire to create a show that encourages the audience to slow down, hold them present to a moment, contemplate the work and create a peaceful connection and consideration to their ways of seeing our surrounding world.