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Texture / Contexture

  In the same way that all living creatures are different, our home planet Earth has many characteristic qualities which make it individual and unique. These elements of the natural world we evolved alongside for millennia, such as stone, wood and moss coexist with concrete, ceramic

Náttsól: The resignation of night

All life, humans, animals and organisms alike, rely on sunlight to sustain their existence. Without consciously realising it, the rotation of the Earth and the resulting fluctuation in the luminousness of the sky influences this natural rhythmic pattern and coordinates our biology and behaviour. It

Out there / Over there

Throughout history, humanity has moved and travelled across our earth's varying landscapes, often passing through and not in a position to stop and take in the nuanced detail. As we move from one location to another, the pleasure we derive in that moment is from the knowledge of

Stillness + Rest

Through photography and sculpture, my work 'Stillness and Rest' explores the complex ecological systems and philosophies that guide our understanding of urban and natural landscapes in an age of digital connectedness, globalisation and travel. Despite our existence in three-dimensional space, many contemporary interactions with the natural